Gohighlevel Pricing Explained

Gohighlevel Pricing Explained
Gohighlevel Pricing ExplainedJonathan Blake
Jonathan Blake
January 8, 2023

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Planning to invest in GohighLevel to help grow your business? But unsure whether it’ll be worth the cost? Here we'll cover GoHighLevel pricing, who should use it, the various pricing plans, and what's included.


GoHighLevel Pricing – Is It Worth The Cost?

Business owners are always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity, and many turn to online tools to help them do this. But with so many options available, it can be hard to know which tool is the right one for your business. Here we'll cover GoHighLevel pricing, who should use it, the various pricing plans, and what's included.

Best All In One Platform(Our Pick to Dominate Any Market)


GoHighLevel is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses manage their operations and grow efficiently. GoHighLevel’s features are designed to offer insight into customer relationships, automate processes, capture more prospects, and strengthen marketing efforts - all with the goal of helping businesses maximize their revenue.

Among its best features,

  • GoHighLevel automates tasks such as tracking conversations, digital asset organization and distribution, sending automatic follow-up messages to leads and customers
  • All without manual effort. This makes it easy to stay in touch with prospects and increase sales.
  • GoHighLevel also provides analytics that can show what campaigns convert best and other valuable data on customers' preferences, so you know how many leads you need to generate to reach your goals.
  • GoHighLevel offers a variety of tools for any business – from capturing leads at every stage of the journey to driving sales through automated emails and social posts – GoHighLevel helps businesses effectively capture more prospects, convert them into paying customers, and most importantly, boost revenue.

GoHighLevel is the perfect solution for any business that does any sort of marketing online.

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one software platform that helps automate and optimize digital processes from concept to completion.

  • The system provides a streamlined workflow encompassing essential aspects like scheduling, organizing, budgeting, planning, tracking, and analyzing campaigns in real time. GoHighLevel allows businesses to easily manage and monitor multiple campaigns across all channels while keeping everything under one roof; allowing them to save time so they can focus on methods to maximize profits.
  • GoHighLevel’s tools empower businesses to take control of their own marketing efforts; providing them with the knowledge and insight they need to increase their revenue and gain a competitive edge.
  • 1. Improve productivity: By allowing you to quickly and easily create high-quality content, and streamlining your marketing efforts under one roof GoHighLevel can help you become more productive.
    2. Save time and money: Rather than having to hire a marketing team or buy multiple software per month, you can use GoHighLevel to take care of all your creative needs quickly and easily in one place.
    3. Get better results Faster: Quality is essential for success in today's online marketplace - with GoHighLevel, you'll be able to produce top-notch marketing that will help you stand out from the competition.
    4. Get started quickly and easily: You don't need any special skills or experience to start using GoHighLevel - it's easy to get up and running in just minutes with 100's of plug-and-play templates and snapshots.

More Reasons:

1. Stay ahead of the curve with Gohighlevel's innovative features and updates
2. Get more done in less time with Gohighlevel's powerful tools
3. Easily find information with Gohighlevel's user-friendly search bar

  • Continuously Innovating and hard to keep up with all the new features
  • Slight learning curve if you are not tech-savvy
  • May be expensive for some new entrepreneurs 
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GHL Pricing Plans- Summary

Start Your 14 Day Trial- Pricing Options

  • Agency Starter Plan - $97/mo - set up only a single account for your client or agency and get all tools & Features.
  • Agency Unlimited Plan - $297/mo - ability to create unlimited subaccounts for your clients and other businesses.
  • White Label Plan- Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade - additional $497/mo - white-label your custom mobile app, custom zap, and add your agency's branding.

You can start your own SAAS (Software as a Service) business for just $794 per month with a custom all-in-one marketing and sales software solution you can offer to clients under your own brand name and domain for a straightforward monthly fee. This is an excellent way to gain premium clients while still charging them a premium price for your services.


What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing automation platform that gives you the functionality you need to generate more leads and sales for your business.


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GoHighLevel Pricing Guide & Plans

GoHighLevel offers three pricing plans: Agency Starter, Agency Unlimited, and Agency Enterprise. The lowest-priced option is Agency Starter, which costs $97 per month for a single account. Full marketing automation is included. This package is recommended for smaller agencies. The next highest-priced option is Agency Unlimited, which costs

$297 per month

  • Full marketing automation is also included.


The most expensive option is the White Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade costs an Additional $497 per month.

  • ZAPIER - They Will Create a Custom Zap Just for Your Brand


Features of GoHighLevel

#1: Conversations:

You can see all the interactions with your customers and prospects from different channels. You can also close sales by nurturing leads through these channels.

#2. Opportunities:

Opportunities include the Leads and Pipelines detail page when expanded, reveals a lot more information about each opportunity. You may create notes on each opportunity, as well as assign and manage it to team members.


#3. Calendar:

GoHighLevel features a built-in appointment booking tool that's comparable to Calendly but superior. Better yet, you can aggregate everything into a sales funnel and have GoHighLevel add your clients to a notification campaign automatically.

You may use your Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendar at this time as well. You can also add, change, or reschedule appointments made with your CRM calendars.

#4. Contacts:

Contacts are where you'll find all of the people you add to your GoHighLevel account. Here, you will be able to build Smart lists to manage, filter, and sort your contacts based on information and data in their accounts.

#5. Automation:

With the “workflow builder,” you may set up marketing automation and sequences. You can also modify your emails and text messages from within this interface. You may build strong marketing automation by connecting numerous activities into sequences such as sending texts and emails to new leads or existing customers.

A crucial thing to note is that you'll need to link with Twilio or Mailgun in order to call and send two-way text messaging & SMS/MMS messages and power dialer through GoHighLevel.

#6: Sites:

Here you'll discover GoHighLevel's funnel builder. You may create online payment processing systems, landing pages, and sales funnels here. It also allows you to quickly split test your sales funnels, just like ClickFunnels does, as well as imports your funnels from ClickFunnels with a few clicks.

You can also create lead forms, surveys, and free or paid memberships for your online courses. You can use GoHighLevel's membership site/course creation software to upload an infinite number of videos, enroll an unlimited number of people, and establish an infinite amount of goods and deals.

You may also make a chat widget that you can insert into your website to connect with your visitors, create leads, and respond to prospects who visit your site.

However, GoHighLevel does not include an integrated affiliate tracking and management system. With a third-party platform such as First Promoter, you'd need to establish that up yourself.

#7. Reputation Management:

This feature on GoHighLevel lets you send review forms and requests. This way, you can gather all of your Google and Facebook reviews. You can then use them in marketing campaigns to attract more clients.

#8. Reporting:

In order to take advantage of this feature, you'll need to link GoHighLevel with your Facebook and Google ad accounts. This permits you to examine and optimize your analytics and conversion rates within GoHighlevel.

You can also access your call, attribution, and appointment reports.



  • Includes everything you need to run your business and has a low monthly price.
  • The software is constantly being updated with new features and integrations.
  • You can connect with other businesses owners in the community for support and training.
  • The support staff is responsive and helpful including training and detailed tutorials.

Overall, Gohighlevel is a great platform for small business owners. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for your business, Gohighlevel is a great option.

Pricing is always a big concern for small business owners, and Gohighlevel offers a variety of pricing plans to fit any budget. The software is constantly being updated with new features, making it a great choice for business owners who want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology. The community is a great resource for support and training, and the support staff is responsive and helpful. Overall, Gohighlevel is a great platform for small business owners.


  • Constantly updating the Software and platform and sometimes hard to keep up with all of the new features.
  • Pricing for new business owners could seem expensive.
  • Some users have reported a learning curve to the platform and all of the features, thankfully they have a lot of support in the community training on youtube and their support staff gets back to you in a timely manner. Even on the cheapest plan.

Is It Worth The Cost?

GoHighLevel CRM is an easy-to-use platform for marketers. It allows them to manage all their marketing activities in one place. It also saves them time and money since they don't need to use several different tools. In comparison to the competition, it offers a relatively low price while still maintaining high quality.

GoHighLevel is a great tool for marketers who want to automate their sales process and get more customers. It also offers an easy-to-use interface and lots of useful features.

Who Should Be Using GoHighLevel?

Agencies, Marketers & Local businesses: Small and medium-sized businesses use GoHighLevel to attract new customers, expand their customer base and grow their business. Agencies: High Level is suitable to help marketing agencies save time, money, and marketing resources. Gohighlevel helps make your marketing activities much more efficient with just a simple platform.

Sales Teams is an all-in-one solution for your sales team. It includes everything you need to manage your leads, prospects, customers, and more. You can create unlimited campaigns, send automated emails, schedule appointments, set reminders, and much more!

GoHighLevel is a relatively simple software to help businesses grow and spread their message.

GoHighLevel Free Trial

To get started with GoHighLevel, simply visit the website, select the HighLevel pricing plan that fits your budget, and provide basic information about your company. Then you can choose from the Agency Unlimited Account or the Agency Starter Account. After 14 days, you can use all features available in the account you selected.

You must cancel your subscription before the end of the month if you want to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

Agency Starter Account Per Month

You can subscribe to the Agency starter account for only 97 dollars per month. Suitable to a single business, this package allows you to use most GoHighLevel features such as the main tools and Twilio. This gives your access to the GoHighlevel API to allow two-way SMS texting.

You just have the option to use your own API key to enable unlimited sending. But the Agency Starter Account gives access to one account login, either for yourself or for a customer. To have unlimited sub-accounts, you need to signup for the Agency Unlimited account, and then you can add more subaccounts.

The Agency Starter Account is a great option if you're new to marketing or want to learn more about how to market your business. Note: The Agency Starter plan gives you unlimited access to all GHL features. 

Unlimited Agency Plan

You can get access to the agency's unlimited account for only $297. It includes all the features you get when you sign up for an agency starter account. Plus, you get unlimited sub-accounts for your clients. Create as many accounts as you need for your business. With this account, you can also create your own branded desktop app. You're free to choose your own domain name and achieve a more personalized appearance.

Regardless of the size of your company, the Agency Unlimited Account offers a great opportunity to make your brand more personal. With this account, you can customize your website and offer additional services such as email marketing, social media management, and web design.

White Label Account An Additional Per Month

You can also opt to take the White Label account as an add-on. It's an additional 497 dollars, giving you a total amount of 794 dollars per month. With the White Label add-on, you'll be able to create a customized white-label mobile application. This app will let you access your data from the phone plus brand as your own. If your like me you can just wait till you have scaled to get off the official lead connector app and not spend the extra money if its not applicable yet.

Another benefit is the custom Zapify setup. GoHighLevel creates a custom zap specifically for your business. With the white label option, you can also sell the platform as your new potential revenue stream for additional income. You can sell the zap as your own subscription service for your clients for additional income.

Annual Plan & Discount

 In the past, GHL has offered Annual discounts for special promotions for example on Black Friday. But these promotions are not guaranteed. the best way to acquire a discount is to start using the software and spread the message about high-level and join the affiliate program.

Now, the affiliate program is the most consistent way to get a discount on GHL. When you sign up for the affiliate program and are approved, you will be given an affiliate link with your unique ID. For every person that signs up for GHL using your link, you will receive a 40% recurring commission but you will also be helping out a fellow entrepreneur. Join Gohighlevel Affiliate Program


HighLevel Money Back Guarantee

High-level services are not refundable. When their terms of service change, High Level may provide a refund in certain circumstances. If you're unsure whether you qualify for a refund, please contact their support team.


Which GoHighLevel plan should you choose?

The Agency Starter plan is a very good plan for a new user who wants to start using the software right away. You get full access to all the features without any restrictions.

Marketing agencies should use the GoHighLevel Agency Unlimited plan because this plan allows them to create their own branded version of the GoHighLevel Desktop app and unlimited Sub-Accounts and sell it on autopilot without having to worry about any technical issues once setup.


HighLevel Reviews

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Go High-Level Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between GoHighLevel’s pricing plans?

There are three different pricing options available for GoHighLevel:

1. Agency Starter Account - $97/month

2. Agency Unlimited Account - $297/month (includes unlimited Sub-accounts and Whitelabel desktop APP)

3. White Label App Account (SAAS Mode) - Additional $497/month ( + Custom Whitelabel App & Zap 


What does GoHighLevel replace?

GoHighLevel replaces many of the online marketing tools and software used by most marketing agencies and online business owners. Here is a list:

  • Sales funnel building software like ClickFunnels costs ($97-$297 per month)
  • Website builders like Wix cost ($29 per month)
  • Email marketing & CRM software like ActiveCampaign or Hubspot or Pipedrive ($15-$159 per month)
  • Membership software like Kajabi or Thinkfic ($99-$199 per month)
  • Video Hosting platforms like Vimeo or Wistia($50 per month)
  • Appointment scheduling software like Calendly or ScheduleOnce ($8 per month)
  • And lots more.

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How much is Go High Level?

GoHighLevel offers three different pricing plans: The Agency Starter, unlimited, and white label mobile app & custom zap (saas mode). The Starter plan costs $97 per month. The Unlimited plan costs $297 per month. The White Label Mobile App (SAAS Mode)plan is an additional $497 per month on top of your regular subscription so you would pay $794 per month.

How much does Go High-Level cost after the FREE 14-day trial?

After your 14-day free period ends, you will be billed for your monthly subscription fee. If you choose the starter plan, you will be billed $97 every month right after your trial ends. The same goes for both the Unlimited plan and the white label plan.


How do I get GoHighLevel for FREE?

If you want to use GoHighLevel for FREE, you need to sign up for their 14-day free trial. GoHighLevel offers an introductory 14-day free trial where you can test their software before paying. You can sign up for top GHL Here.

Opportunity - Join HighLevels Affiliate Program and Earn 40% Commission On Referrals And 5% Commission On Your Referee's Referrals.


Is GoHighLevel Price Worth It?

For me, GoHighLevel's price is totally worth the investment. Especially when you consider everything they help you replace. I ended up saving money switching to GHL from the multiple software I was using. With the platform, you get everything you need to successfully grow an agency or business online. You get access to pre-built funnel and website templates, campaigns, automation tools and CRM which are quite useful and helpful.


Are emails, SMS, and voice call charges included in the price?

GoHighLevel doesn't include any email, SMS, or phone calls in its pricing. To send SMS, Voice, Voicemail Drops, and make phone calls, you need to connect a Twilio account and an SMTP Service like MailGun, Sendgrid, or Sendinblue to send emails and texts.


How can I white-label GoHighLevel?

With the GoHigh Levels Unlimited plan, you can create manually as many sub-accounts as you want and white label GoHighLevel’ s desktop app. However, you can use GoHighLevel’s Agency Pro account for automating the entire process of creating new clients and billing them monthly.


Is it possible to white-label GoHighLevel’s mobile app?

You can white-label GoHighLevel's mobile app and also set it up in Zapier. However, this will add an extra $497 per month to your current monthly subscription fee. The mobile app is now available for both Android and Apple devices.


How do I cancel my GoHighLevel account?

To cancel your GoHighLevel membership, log into your GoHighLevel Account, go to https://account.gohighlevel.com/modify-your-subscription, and then click on “Cancellation” to cancel your subscription. On the next screen, simply select the reason for canceling, and complete the process by clicking "Submit."


How do I contact GoHighLevel’s support?

You can contact GoHighLevel’s support team via LiveChat or our Facebook group. You can contact them via email and they also offer Live Support through Zoom.


Can I get a Go High-Level Price Discount?

You can upgrade to annual billing from within your GoHighLevel dashboard they offer some discounts. GHL does have promos for Black Friday or special events but they aren't guaranteed.


Does GoHighLevel Have An Affiliate Program?

Of course, GoHighLevel has one of the best affiliate programs! GoHighLevel offers 40% referral commissions on every sale or monthly subscription by your referrals for as many months as they remain subscribed. GoHighLevel also offers a 5% commission on sales or recurring monthly payments generated by your affiliates. This is a great way to make money and earn passive income online.


How do I Join the GoHighLevel Affiliate Program?

To join GoHighlevel’s affiliate program simply fill out the form, agree to the terms and click on "Visit this link" takes less than 2 minutes to join and they offer free training for affiliates.


High-level Alternatives

  • Kartra
  • Clickfunnels
  • Instapage and Unbounce
  • Active Campaign

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Join the GHL Community now, with a free 14-day trial. And, Unlock your Rewards Partner Benefits.

Final thoughts about Gohighlevel Pricing

I think high-level's pricing is fair. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple, yet effective way to manage their business or marketing agency. they offer an all-in-one solution for marketing and sales and have a crazy value proposition that lets you white label their software at a low monthly cost.

The bottom line: high level is an affordable, all-in-one solution for marketing and sales. If you're looking for a simple way to manage your business, they're definitely worth considering.

What do you think about high-level's pricing? Is it worth the price for all of the features and benefits of the platform?

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